Design + Build Process

Each project has it's own unique challenges your involvement is an intricate part in providing the perfect landscape; one that is both innovative and personal, environmentally sensitive and unique. A true reflection of your visions and dreams. Our "Design and Build" business model provides all the services needed to design, build, and maintain your project. All of our crews consist entirely of qualified and reputable Associated Contractors. Nothing is lost in communication between the planning and construction stages.

Upon completion, your designer will review proper maintenance with you and answer any further questions you may have. An Extended Maintenance program is also available for your convenience.


We meet with you to look over the property, establish the depth of your planned project, and list the elements that can and cannot be changed. We factor in usable space, sunlight, permit requirements and anything else that might affect the design.

3 Pillars of Landscape Design


A beautiful backyard serves as an opportunity to invite friends and family over and enjoy a summer afternoon or evening.

Kids Play Area

With friends and family comes their kids and maybe your own. We look for creative ways to keep them busy.

Private Reteat

When it's time to recharge and relax you need a space all to yourself and maybe someone special to share it with.

We can also do a project in phases so you have more flexibility to plan or finance a project.



We'll work with you to develop timeline and communicate any changes that may come up.


As we build we'll find new challenges as well as opportunities to improve the design. We'll be in constant communication so you can have input.

Efficent Work

Our approach is to try and reduce waste, and rework with a long term outlook. Building inside out so as to not rip up work previously done.

FInal Walk Through

Quality Assurance

Double check everything is done right and do the design.

Full site clean up.

Final Walkthrough / Warranty

Discuss plant maintenance
1 year warranty on plants
5 year hardscapes warranty
Full details in contract

Continued Communication

Look for our newsletters as well as a call to see how things are doing throughout the warranty period